About Us

GREEN TOP Information Technologies Pvt Ltd

GREEN TOP Information Technologies Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of Green Top India, established in the year 1977 Green Top Group has diversified its businesses such as Contracting, Trading, Support Services, Communications, and Information Technology Services. GIT has evolved and was founded in the year of 2008 as a separate entity to lead and focus on the markets and their customers. GIT is based in Al- KHOBAR and is also presented kingdom wide for their operations and support. GIT employs more than 150+ professionals distributed across its offices in the region.

The principal business activities of GIT include

  • IT Solutions.
  • IT Infrastructure & Security Solutions.
  • Enterprise Business Solutions.
  • E¬≠-Learning & Training.
  • Engineering IT Services.
  • Products & Services.
  • AI-¬≠Artificial Intelligence Solutions.

We commit ourselves to providing a high-quality service to all our customers. We provide value for money by providing practical, workable solutions based on experience and a flexible approach backed by an effective proven project management approach used extensively on similar assignments. To ensure our customers receive value for money we commit to the following: Service, Quality, and delivery, not fees determine our approach. We believe this is essential to ensure that GIT meets a high standard & obligations to its customers.