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Quality comes first

To ensure the highest code quality and appropriate functioning of the end solution. we use a traceability matrix, Our teams follow all quality assurance standards throughout SDLC and use all types of testing required for a particular solution.

  • Regular code reviews.
  • Cross reviews.
  • SonarQube.

On-time project delivery

Our processes are so consistent that we guarantee you will get your project done on time, scope, and budget. The Work Breakdown Structure document will give you a full picture of the project’s timeline, stages, dependencies.

  • Create deadlines for each objective.
  • Prioritize each objective.
  • Understand individual roles.
  • Visualize your progress.

Flexible cooperation

You can choose either Fixed Price, Time and Materials, or a Dedicated Team model. Depending on the choice, you get detailed information on the payment procedure. Our working hours and even days are also flexible. You communicate with your team via the channels you prefer.

  • Volunteer to cover a colleague's work while they're on leave.
  • Consider allowing people to work from home to help them achieve a better work/life balance.
  • When you come across a problem, offer up a variety of solutions that might fix it..

Spending vs. requirements

With regular project status reports, you know how much you have spent. You can even track how much it took to develop a particular module or functionality. Once you are going to modify something, you know how much it costs.

  • Questionnaires can be beneficial if you need to ask stakeholders the same question across the board. .
  • A use case scenario is a written description of how you think your team members will execute the project.
  • Mind mapping is a visual form of brainstorming that’s particularly helpful for assessing what project requirements you need.

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We specialize in providing comprehensive IT services and solutions, such as IT Infrastructure & Security Solutions, Enterprise Business Solutions,E-Learning & Training, Engineering IT Services, Products & Services, AI-­Artificial Intelligence Solutions, cloud computing, data recovery, and more..

IT infrastructure & Security Solution Division (ISSD).

This division addresses all business needs of our valuable customers with regard to Systems, Data, Networking, Hardware, Software etc.

Products with Services Division (PSD).

This division addresses all business needs of our valuable customers with regard to Retail Solutions, CITRIX Presentation server, Iron Mail, Right Fax, GFI, Solar winds as well as all related services.

Enterprise Business Solution Division (EBSD).

This division is specialized in providing business solutions to our customers to address the needs of vertical industries. Over the past few years the division has built internal competencies to deliver and operate systems for various industries.

Engineering IT Services Division (ESD).

This division addresses all business needs of our valuable customers with regard to Simulation, Modeling, Design Services, Plant Automation, Integration, Control Systems as well as all their related services.

E-Learning & Training Division (ETD).

We provide all your learning and development training needs, so you can deliver the right learning experience to the right people in the right format.

Web applications & Digital Marketing.

This division addresses all business needs of our valuable customers with regard to Web applications and digital marketing


Building better networks.

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  • E-Learning
  • ISSD
  • PSD













Client Review

What People Are Saying About Green Top Team

Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

I had the pleasure of working with Green Top Information technology on a project for one of my clients. The project was a huge success, and I couldn’t have done it without him!.

Sara Wilsson


I am very happy with the work done by Green Top Team and would like to provide a review of their performance.They are always on time, always professional, and always deliver great work.

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

We had a great experience working together. They were responsive, flexible, and had a great attitude—plus, their work was excellent. I’d highly recommend working with them!

Matt Brandon


I have been working with GreenTop Team for the last three months, and I can say with absolute certainty that they are a pleasure to work with.I plan to work with them again in the future.

John Larson


I had a great experience working with GreenTop Team. He was very professional, easy to communicate with and always responded quickly. I would recommend him highly!. Their communication is excellent.